Loving you
was like smashing a piggy jar
to find just enough money
for a new piggy jar.
But the smashing was priceless.

Leaving you
was like taking a wellness bath
with a bar of purest soap:
no itchy rash after
but with no foam nor scent to enjoy.


Comments on: "Smashing" (5)

  1. Oh gosh! “But the smahing was priceless”! I love this idea! Lol

    Great poem and fun oo.

    L&H xx

  2. chucky0629 said:

    I do sneak by and read your page on occasion, leaving no trace of my having been here. This poem pulses in my mind because of childhood experience with smashing piggy banks (so called in the states). I had an uncle who visited the family for a few days and disappeared during the night after having smashed my piggy bank and taking most of the loot – leaving only enough behind to buy a new piggy bank and a note saying to do so. There is some kind of twisted message to this, maybe it drove me to poetry or at least to the brink of searching for deeper meanings in the behavior of mankind. I’m sure the $7-8 he removed didn’t get him far (even in 1952 or was it 1953) but I wished him well for being so needy but half-way honest. The next time I saw him was at a family wedding – he was standing at the bar with one shoe under his arm and a half full (or half empty) beer glass in his coat pocket. Again, I wished him well on his continuing journey through this world. Thanks for the memories in a well-crafted poem.

    • That is some story, I am sorry that your uncle did that to you. I can only imagine his shame after the deed, maybe much later on!

      Thank you.

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