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Loving you
was like smashing a piggy jar
to find just enough money
for a new piggy jar.
But the smashing was priceless.

Leaving you
was like taking a wellness bath
with a bar of purest soap:
no itchy rash after
but with no foam nor scent to enjoy.


Now Autumn leaves are twirling, restless ghosts
reminding me with sizzling whispers of the after life
of Summer days, I won’t compare our love as such.
After death, more beautiful the leaf lies in the mud.
I won’t compare our love to a dead tree leaf though.

Decay is in the air, the rot sets in. More beautiful
the leaf becomes. Till all is gone, I watch each day.
I can’t compare our love to a dead tree leaf in the mud.
Next Spring the Maple will be green again; for us,
there won’t be new leaves on the uprooted tree.

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