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Confession of a would be sinner

My last confession shall be that
of a would be Catholic,
making the priest blush a little I hope,
I certainly would want it to be
a sultry kind of whisper,
inappropriate, X-rated and unsuitable.

His ears should be red,
and even the wallpaper of the room I die in,
should shiver, but whatever I did wrong,
it would be forgiven
with a magic spell and ointment,
that is the best part of it all.

Now I need to live up to it,
if I have time, for to have this last giggle,
become a good God-fearing Catholic
in order to get that priest.
I need to prepare for my death-bed in appropriate style,
and contemplate sin for absolution.


I wrote this in jest, so I hope no one is offended

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