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Now even your dog won’t know me
when we pass in the street –
but how she loved me as a puppy.
I see her aging body stroll
with pain, deformed slow steps.
One day she’s gonna bite me surely
if I try to pad her on the back.
It must mean something
that it means more to me
what the dog thinks than what you think.
Cold is in your Lassie’s eyes
and it’s the heat of Summer.


There must have been a hole in the diaphragm
or you would not have been born,
and now you look at me, wondering if I shall feed you.
Yes I shall. My body wants to, so I suppose it is the thing to do.
Your trust in me is encouraging.

Outside birds fly around with straws for their nests,
reminding me I have no place for us.
You had been better off being a bird,
but we shall do with our imperfect start together
and you are, you are, the most beautiful.

this baby himself is now the father of a 2 year old girl πŸ˜‰

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