After heat

After sex, in a halo of understanding
we walked hand in hand
sharing warmth through our skins.
The cold air coming from the platform
made you put on your mittens.

My hand, the first to know
it was already over before it had started,
became the last part of my body
that you saw,
waving all of it away.

Comments on: "After heat" (12)

  1. Oh, sad! Yet beautifully stated as always

    L&H xx

  2. You always manage to capture a moment, so we all feel we remember it

  3. My cold sems to be holding off a bit so fingers crossed, if I rest up all should be well,thanks Ina ❤ xx

  4. Beautifully balanced. Congratulations.

  5. You do bitter/sweet really, really well.

    This is terrific

    Much Love
    David xxx

    • Hi David

      thank you very much.

      There is a lot in life that is bitter sweet perhaps, as somehow I often end up writing in that way.

      Much Love 🙂

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