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The last assembling

Once we are dead,
the information that has entered our brains
during the years we lived,
all the whispers, flickerings
and music tunes, the quarrels,
some colliding trains we saw on the tv,
and bickerings, the mathematics,
critics, manuals, the poems we absorbed,
every shopping list we read,

the Coca Cola logo, the first time sex, all other times
except those we forgot, and each commercial that was on,
think Spic and Span, the Space lab leaving Earth,
the daily dairyman, newspaper adds, rude conversations that we had
and labels that we read, our fear of spiders, war and hunger,
the memory of wallpaper in mauve, a puppy’s waggling tail,
the views we saw starting at birth,
the horrid pains that we had to endure, and joy


on a windy quay of a deserted harbour
where grass grows in the fading stones,
and go on board a ship no one can see,
to take them to a continent
the size of Africa
but somewhat more up North.

Or after death our minds get lost.
Who can be sure.

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