I stare rudely over coffee in your face
now vagaries have come across.
Anything can happen in this place,
between a blink and reasoning
is room for gain or loss.

The café is about to close.
Staring rudely over coffee,
pondering my odds, my chances
I didn’t notice that you rose and left.
You never even noticed me. I feel bereft.

Comments on: "Vagaries" (8)

  1. cafe noir…?

  2. As David said this is some poem! Using a word you hadn’t ome across beore – don’t think I could do it! L&H xx

  3. Missed out he “f”!! 😊

  4. All this time and I never noticed you were at the next table to me, the Cossack, and the Kickapoo. We were too intent on our poker game, I suppose.

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