We are fine

What we can’t do is not that relevant.
We are not able to fly, yet, why should it bother us
that we are not birds, that we are not fish
and that we can not stay under the surface for ever?

Does a tree mind very much who wants to eat its apples?
To each their own. It does not matter to the fish that he can’t sing
nor that he never tasted fruit. Why should we want to know
what we can’t be? It is enough, all that we have.

Your eyes can tell me more than I could read in books.
The tree won’t know that it needs love,
the fish don’t care of lies and truth,
the birds don’t see the world in thoughts but only look for food.

Then you do all of the above. You take me far
though not where I might want to be. You feed my mind.
What we don’t have, what we can’t do is not what makes us
who we are. That is what I have learnt from you.

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