The forgotten poem

Sad poems brought me into tears
and funny ones seemed shallow,
I didn’t find what I was looking for in text,
I needed for my mind to be above it all,
allow it to fly out, away from daily life and pain.
I had no clue what I was searching.
It took me years, the poems gathered dust.
And then a window burst and opened,
a breeze walked through the books
in a sudden sunlight beam,
to show me where to find the page.
I read this poem in new light,
it took me over oceans full of drowning cries,
it was the heartbeat of the storm I heard,
I saw new colours and swift murmurations
of black birds dancing in each word.
The poem entered me, became my blood,
and every line went on
to deepest corners of my soul,
it took me over, thus became a new nail to my coffin,
I understood now what life was about, ’t was then
the window shut, the light was gone
and I fell back to earth,
the book all torn, the page now gone.
I never found the poem back.
I wish that I remembered.

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