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“Amor” released !

I am very happy to announce that my anthology of love poems, “Amor”, is now released!
Like “Veritas”, my first English poetry book, it is published by Winter Goose Publishing.

The book is the story of a love in 227 poems. I hope you will enjoy!

Amor now available!

My books through Winter Goose Publishing

More about buying AmorAmor_FlatforeBooks



More or less completed dressing
after a nice encounter on the sofa
we watch each other
looking for the thing
that used to make us smile.
I can’t see the love no more.
More or less the same
as we were before but in another mood
we take eachother’s hand,
walking on slowly.
We move on until we stand
where we so often stood yet we don’t see,
we must keep looking
and find a replacement
for the freaking blown fuse
in the meter cupboard.

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