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Her husband is in hospital

“I gave you seven sons
every birth a fucking nightmare
you always too drunk to call the midwife
or help me into bed.
I got them all on the freaking sofa,
and the stains never went out of the fabric.
All sons have your features,
all of them drink with your speed
except for Ronny who joined the ballet
and who gives me roses on my birthday
which was a hell of a day for my mother
who loved dancing
but after her eleventh child
she could hardly walk anymore
let alone cross her legs.
She would have liked Ronny
as he can do a split
so don’t be too hard on him
for hitting you with that spade
after you called him a flipping faggot.
He didn’t mean it in a bad way
and the doctor said
you might still get some feeling in your spine.
Imagine that.”


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