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Earlier this year this blog reached its 1000th posting and today “Observation” is the official 1000th poem here, as far as I can check in my sloppy kind of administration (I miss a few poems here and there I think lol. )

Poetry is not about quantity. I know. I have often been told I post too many poems. But what else to do with them… I tried not writing, but that is not really a solution.

After three years, I do not consider myself a poet (yet? who knows) . That title is for the ones who are really good. I write my Dutch novels and I try to write poetry. There is a difference 🙂 I realize I need to learn a lot more and I enjoy doing that very much.

Still, this number 1000 is something I would like to celebrate. I started writing and posting my English poems here on November 4, 2010. Almost three years later I am very grateful for everyone who has been reading my stuff, commented, follow my blog, told me of errors and encouraged me to write more. I am very happy and honoured to have found online friendships with other writers. And I met 1 in real life! 🙂 I really love the English language, that is why I sometimes think I should not try to write in it lol. I do apologize for all the mistakes I made, grammar wise, spelling wise, other wise.

In a few days “Amor” -see sidebar- will finally be released, my second anthology of poems in English, but I will post about that when it actually happens. 🙂

Have a nice Autumn 🙂 I took the photo here on Terschelling, 7 okt. 2013

7okt13wandeling 052


The immortal politician lives in this house where I live too,
we share rooms and bed and food
but the books he reads are thicker, his words on an average
are a syllable longer, and he is the owner of dark blue suit.

I once put on that suit and it looked differently on me.
So he must be made of another material than us mortal souls.
I watch him. I make notes. I see that he is not the only one of his kind.
Sometimes there are more of this sort in the house.

Thus I have studied the species of immortal politicians.
They are almost like us, but when it comes to discussions,
they like to win as if their lives depend on it
where we just like to talk. They make the nicest stews and love.

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