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It didn’t mean a thing this morning:
the dead sparrow with the broken wing
lying on the doorstep in a pool of blood,
the angry faces in the clouds,
the thunder-god, the lightning striking,
that I heard someone sing your song,
it didn’t mean a thing to me,
it just came along the day
without it ringing any bell
that I remember.
Autumn can be dark and cold
and death is all around us,
we see a thing in trees that die.
Until I saw the very date,
I got a shock, I screamed and cried,
I realized I was too late,
as we agreed before you went
that yesterday
I should have met you
on the graveyard
a year after the day you died.


Someone told me my soul needed to be rinsed
so I took it to the dry cleaner’s
who put on his glasses and examined the fabric.
He could not guarantee
that my soul would not shrink in the process.
I then took it back home with me, stains and all
and put a vase on them so they won’t show.

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