My leave

I am taking the day off being me,
today I am what you are looking for
and I shall behave accordingly:
cook that food you like and that kills you,
laugh at your jokes but not too loud in public,
and I won’t say snappy things nor give my opinion
and I won’t mind that you hardly listen nor read what I write
as I know you are so much more important than me
and of course you can do anything as you please –
I am not me, so go right ahead.
Yes that odd position how you always wanted to take me
and no I don’t mind if you snore all night,
scream in your sleep and kick.
But do remember by dawn
I shall be back from my leave,
refreshed. New.
A better person.


Comments on: "My leave" (8)

  1. Oh my God, Ina..please know, in the rush of all this poetry, there are those of us who really do listen….

  2. LOL Wonderful.

    This fits really well with my sense of humour – It shall keep me grinning for the rest of the day


  3. I’m certain you’ll do what’s necessary to replenish your soul again ~ Beautiful writing always extracts from us Soul’s flowing water. Blessings dear~Debbie

  4. Perfect ending, Ina, to this great poem!

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