Knowledge of nout

This useless knowledge of nout
randomly invades my eyes and ears
finding a way to be memorized.
During a moment in the shower
when the colour turquoise pops up
out of the blue, I sense a scent
of you here, and other futilities
like moon and candles
lying their light to flatter you more.

It’s showing life from sidebars,
I could have done without such fragments
entering my sane reality.
Countless impressions make the ceiling spin
before a squeeze in the sponge
melts all together, mixed colours
in foam, what is important and what not:
all is washed away
by corliosis in the sewer.


Comments on: "Knowledge of nout" (2)

  1. This is sad.

    Wonderful imagery but sad nonetheless

    (((Big Irish Hug)))


    • It was not meant sad, but I suppose it is in a way 🙂
      Thank you for the hug! Have a {{{ Big Dutch Hug }}} from me

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