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My leave

I am taking the day off being me,
today I am what you are looking for
and I shall behave accordingly:
cook that food you like and that kills you,
laugh at your jokes but not too loud in public,
and I won’t say snappy things nor give my opinion
and I won’t mind that you hardly listen nor read what I write
as I know you are so much more important than me
and of course you can do anything as you please –
I am not me, so go right ahead.
Yes that odd position how you always wanted to take me
and no I don’t mind if you snore all night,
scream in your sleep and kick.
But do remember by dawn
I shall be back from my leave,
refreshed. New.
A better person.

Knowledge of nout

This useless knowledge of nout
randomly invades my eyes and ears
finding a way to be memorized.
During a moment in the shower
when the colour turquoise pops up
out of the blue, I sense a scent
of you here, and other futilities
like moon and candles
lying their light to flatter you more.

It’s showing life from sidebars,
I could have done without such fragments
entering my sane reality.
Countless impressions make the ceiling spin
before a squeeze in the sponge
melts all together, mixed colours
in foam, what is important and what not:
all is washed away
by corliosis in the sewer.


Piano tunes fluttered out of the window
and we children stopped playing to listen.
Who lived there? We never saw anyone
but soon we were told not to enter that space.
We walked on in the brightness of summer.

One day a black car stood in front of the place,
few people were gathering dressed in black.
A funeral shuffled, the house had died too.
The quisling was gone, the unseen traitor.
We grew up surrounded by different music.

I walk near that house many years later.
Though much has happened to windows and walls,
his name is still of whom we don’t speak.
The rain cries over lost shame and fear
as echos remain of piano tunes flutter.

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