much was in the way
walls of pain masked the true you
your death made me love

undone of mundane
features in rest emerging
your new pyjamas


Comments on: "Senryu" (14)

  1. I do like this


    • Thank you, I am glad you do 🙂 Though it is about death. The word pyjama that popped up somewhere today 🙂 made me write it 🙂 xxx

  2. Yes I like it too Ina, very much.

    L&H xx

  3. Not sure if I got it right or interrpreted it as you intended but I saw it as realising you loved someone more after they were dead? Xx

  4. Funny how we notice seemingly irrelevant mundane things like new pyjamas at the most auspicious moments of life and death….

    • Hi Cynthia, those moments seem to make our senses work better, notice details better. I can not describe it very well. I remember details of times of death that I would not notice normally.

  5. Ohhh, indeed, life becomes Detailed after any loss! Take a bow!

  6. perishandrepent said:

    Life is life overflowing. Love is love overflowing. Each, with neither ever to excess.

    Like your poem.

  7. Poignant poem – I really like this, Ina. We do see people in a new light after their death.

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