“I am not a fish,” says Lazarus Jackson. His pseudonym is Mr. Coelacanth.

“The Coelacanth (pronounced “seel-uh-canth”) (Latimeria chalumnae) is often considered the ultimate fish in the Nintendo ‘Animal Crossing’ series. It is worth 15,000 Bells and can be found only when it is raining or snowing and in the ocean at certain times of the day. It is extremely elusive. As in real life, the Coelacanth can only be caught late at night or early in the morning.” (wiki)

In ‘I Am Not a Fish’, through the wonderful poetry of Marie Marshall, we see how Mr. Coelacanth’s mind works. There is also Beatrice the Rat and others.
Marie uses words that intrigue, make you want to know more and draw you into a world of surprising thoughts. 🙂

Thanks Diane for helping with my grammar 🙂

I am not a Fish – Amazon

Overstepsbooks I am not a fish


Comments on: "A little review: “I am not a fish” – Poetry by Marie Marshall" (8)

  1. Marie’s book sounds fascinating, Ina. Will put it on my must-reads. XO ♥

  2. Actually I hadn’t heard of ‘Animal Crossing’ until this very moment. 🙂

    Thank you, Ina.

    By the way, rather than Amazon, it’s better bought here:

    • I googled the name and only found the game, so I thought it was a fantasy – fish, but today I googled and found that the fish is real! 🙂 So I changed my review a little now, sorry for the assumption. Never assume, I know! 🙂

  3. This sounds really fascinating Ina. I will definitely check it out.

    L&H xx

  4. Looking forward to reading !

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