Free gift

What to give you
as the word moon is already taken
by more romantic souls than me,
abused a lot and worn out;
flowers die too soon to linger as a gesture,
while all the feathers of a bird
won’t make a bird, and birds
should just be free.
I’ve entered the bookstore
and realised I don’t know the books you like
as much as I thought I did.

Will it mean some,
as I bring you no such presents:
I manage a thought of you in murmuration,
scattered moments such as we have shared,
sound of thousand wings across the sea,
while no spoken word of mine, no words
can find you, or be heard
in spite of my affection.
Maybe I should give you bread,
something to eat, to emphasize
that nothing is here to last forever.

Should we wait then,
as we both don’t know how to move
out of our bird shitted fortresses
well made from the sand grains that blew over from sea,
solid for unpractical dreams
since all the feathers of a bird
won’t make a bird. Still words
won’t cost me much, are free.
I have decided you don’t need
anymore possessions. If you want love,
it’s all that I can manage.


Comments on: "Free gift" (14)

  1. I love this Ina!

    I think it has been impregnated into us that we must always give “something”, and it is lovely to give material gifts but they can mean nothing if we are not careful. I actually enjoy giving them, although when someone gives me something meaningful I am just as happy by their response to my pleasure as with the gift. We’re told by the sages of old we dont need possessions, but Id hate it if gifts were no longer part of life. I am very far away from enlightenment!! Lol

    L&H xx

    • 🙂 Thank you Christine.

      there is much joy in giving something. I don’t know why really, but it is true. Perhaps because of the chain reaction it causes, the gratefulness, the pleasure for that gratefulness etc. To know you give something that is appreciated is very satisfying. I often find it difficult to express appreciation and affection in words or gifts that have meaning. And I can’t make stuff lol, my cooking skills are limited. In such cases, a self made apple cake might do the trick! But everyone is trying to eat healthy 🙂

      Maybe the best gift is love. ?

      L&H xx

  2. What a beautiful love poem.

    The gift which really matters, which really makes a difference, is the gift of love.

    My love to you


    • Thank you very much David 🙂
      Now how to wrap it properly, that is the question 🙂
      Much love to you too 🙂

  3. Yes the best gift is definitely love, but love itself needs to be expressed in different ways and one of many ways I like to do that is to give a little something meaningful on special occasions. Xx

  4. Worry not, there’s plenty of moon to go round.

  5. There’s nothing sweeter than to give !

  6. such a gorgeous present must be received with open arms and heart…

  7. Such words are a wonderful gift that money can’t buy … a lovely lovely expression of love. XO

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