The person, sitting quietly opposed me
at the wobbly round table
that had carved names in the wood
of those we both remembered well,
had aged more than I could imagine.
After neglecting our friendship,
not much was left of whom I’d searched before.

Where went youth, the smile, the energy?
Still some familiarity was lingering
in eyes and lines, and features one by one
came back to being those that I once knew.
The person had been lost for years in dust,
in fading mist and pretences, in cold denial
and darkest corners, waiting for forgiveness.

There had been no kindness, love,
just hate, regret and shame, but now,
in this September sunlight, see,
a bit of understanding came between us.
We found each other and it was enough.
I recognized the person well
as I could hide no longer from myself. As it was me.


Comments on: "Reunion" (15)

  1. Really good, and deliciously thought provoking at the end. So nicely rounded off

  2. Wonderful, wonderful poem

    I will be printing this one off to read again at my leisure


  3. To thine own self be true– lovely poetry…

  4. excellent structure of thought and imagery! Sincerely Debbie

  5. Sometimes you look around and the whole world’s a mirror.

  6. Deep reflections Ina…

  7. Rilliant Ina! You surprised me at the end πŸ™‚

    L&H xx

  8. Brilliant even! Sorry my typos get worse! Xx

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