My cane

My cane has a history
as it was bought by my mother
many years ago for my father
one day on the mainland
when he could not walk anymore,
later also used by her,
and recently by my son when he hurt his knee,
and now this stick is my companion,
my way to stay mobile;
best friend and ugly as hell,
our relationship started on the wrong foot anyway
as I tripped over
but now I am used to it’s ways
and know how walking should be done.
My cane is now on what I do lean,
my cane and I go steady, so:
come on world. We are so ready!


Comments on: "My cane" (18)

  1. I love your poem Ina! And you have an antique!! Lol

    I like that you refer to it as your best friend! – “Ugly as hell” – beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc etc…!

    And I am saying it with you! “come on world, we are so ready”!!

    L&H xx

    • 🙂 Well it is an ugly thing, if you noticed on the pic on fb 🙂 But it is a solid one! And I can walk it, just as well as my mother who was a lot shorter than me, and my son, who was taller! Flexible and solid. 🙂 lol L&H xx

  2. For millions of Christians throughout time the most profound cane has been their faith.

  3. The old stuff is often the best! 🙂 xx

  4. Welcome to the Three-Legged Club! Mine is an old Leki hiking stick with the word “wanderfreund” printed on the staff……

  5. Lovely story beautifully told in verse

  6. Your magic wand…

  7. Wonderful,

    I was looking at vintage walking sticks in a shop the other day – we could walk together!! 🙂


    • Hi David, thank you and that would be fun 🙂 Next time I go to your country, we can see who has the best one! lol 🙂


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