Sad days on the calendar

There are days
I can be sad for seasons,
many reasons to be down
but they are days
just as the good ones,
each a treasure, each a gift;

maybe pleasure is no measure
and this life got many ways
to find meaning, if we sift
the sorrow out of graveyard sand.
If we can see the bigger picture.
If we reach out to someone’s hand.

In the meanwhile I am trying
coping, hoping, effort making
though my body is forsaking,
friends are fading, light is grey.
Every morning is a challenge
when such sad days seem to conquer.

Then to notice someone’s caring,
then to see a smile, kind eyes
and I know this all shall pass
if I hold on to the last straw
of my sanity, my self.
Sad days lose their rights in time.

(for a friend)


Comments on: "Sad days on the calendar" (7)

  1. prachtig gedicht, Ina.
    groetjes, Francina

  2. Understanding deeply your beautifully crafted feelings Ina…

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