Observed by a crow

4sept2013 010

I am the unseen observer
I saw by accident and held in mind
their togetherness

their ways of kind and nice
and later something happened
that I did not realise:

his tired back when he walked away
her hand that lost all weight and strength
as there was nothing left to say

she didn’t wave him out that day
he was no lover now nor friend
the road not having any length

with no beginning and no end:
observed and done, a love is over,
it’s all forgotten but by me.


Comments on: "Observed by a crow" (4)

  1. The crow: frequently random, and as intelligent as squid.

    • There is one living on the dune, he prefers a dead tree to sit in to those with leafs. They are a bit sinister perhaps, but their feathers have this blue shine that is breath taking πŸ™‚

  2. Crows knows the highs and lows – the comes and goes – my audience – dark spirits in the branches of my days…

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