We walked hand in hand
on a bare shoulder day
when sunlight shone yellow,
caressing gently our skin,
as we touched the fruit
that they sold in the street
and I stole an apple for you.

We walked with bare feet
where the sand gave us warmth
and water washed over
our bodies, our faces.
The salt of the sea
stayed long in our scent
and we ate the ripe fruit
and needed no more
than this and forever.

Your language collided with mine
as the poem you read to me sang
with short rhythm waves like the sea; I
don’t know what you told me,
other than Summer
was sweet when you and I walked
hand in hand, and bare shouldered,
through that wonderful street
where now the Poison Ivy grows.


Comments on: "Where now the Poison Ivy grows" (11)

  1. Ouch, that last line hurt…

  2. Great poem Ina. The last line was a shock! I kept wondering where the title would show, and then Wham! There it was!

    L&H xx

    • πŸ™‚ Thank you Christine! Poison Ivy is growing in such deserted places, but somehow cats don’t seem to mind it too much. Not sure why! L&H xx

  3. now the Poison Ivy grows.

    These days seems the stuff has invaded everything esp morality and human rights efforts

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