Passion fever

After the wooing, the wining and dining
he decided it was about time to get laid.
After all, he had bought her flowers and bonbons
and he got nightmares of all he had paid.

He knocked on her door wearing nothing but passion
while neighbours were watching in shock and delight,
she looked at him asking if this was now fashion
and then threw the door in his face for the night.

There he stood, very naked, with four blushing cheeks,
he was desperate now for a cover
as he all of a sudden felt like one of those freaks
who get too carried away pleasing a lover.

So he took down an American flag from a pole
and wrapped in that fabric he walked.
But he didn’t get far, the poor passionate soul;
being sad, he had no idea he was stalked.

“What are you doing with our native flag?”
angry American tourists were screaming at him,
“Give back our pride, you ugly old fag!”
He escaped by means of a jump and a swim.

Wet and all naked he came home during dawn,
expecting nothing of life anymore,
but there she stood, all nude on his lawn,
more pretty than he ever saw her before.

“I have been thinking,” she said, “and agreed:
I can see what you mean by being all naked.
It is not the clothes so much that we need,
so here I am. Leave it or take it.”

“I take, I take!” our hero said gladly,
“Lay down and let me just show you my love!”
By then however the dream ended sadly.
He woke up with a cold, and a nasty dry cough.



Comments on: "Passion fever" (12)

  1. Tha k you! Laughing out loud!

    L&H xx

  2. I now have mental pictures that will amuse me for days

  3. Hard to visualize the moment, but I can relate. Nice poem Ina.

  4. Love it, — “Give back our pride, you ugly old fag”

  5. Wow, haha so unexpected! Good story 🙂

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