Holding hands

We have become
people who don’t need
to possess a lot,
for things won’t upset us,
nor give us joy,
they are just ornaments,
bystanding in life, unaware
and they can’t get through to us;

not like a look, a frown,
not like knowing a love is there,
where no things can reach us.
We have become
almost away from it all.
We have become
people holding hands
on Summer evenings.



Comments on: "Holding hands" (17)

  1. There is something to be said about getting to that place where you are comfortable in your own skin – even better when there’s someone there with you, when you get there.

  2. There’s a sense of Buddhist tradition in this poem Ina, non-attachment to things, being content with ourselves not needing external influence. A good place to be I think. 🙂

    L&H xx

    • 🙂 Being totally non attached to things won’t happen to me (laptop!) , but I am starting to see what baggage I can do without and travel a bit lighter.

      L&H xx

  3. Same here with iPad! Lol xx

  4. I will have to settle for semi- enlightenment! Lol xx

  5. I thought my laughs had gone to spam, Ive had trouble for a few weeks with this. Then it all seemed ok and now its started again. Silly WP!! Xx.

  6. There is such a tranquility in not needing material possessions, Ina. I so understand what this poem expresses – especially in the last year. Taking a cut in finances has shown me that more money does not bring contentment, happiness … that less can actually help set our priorities and show us how well we can do without stuff when there is natural beauty and lasting love around us. Lovely. XO

    • Thank you very much! We need less than we think. How many shoes can you wear, how many thoughts do you really have to carry in your head. And we need not eat that much either lol 😉 xx

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