Reader’s block

Maybe it’s me. I am getting more stupid
and I can’t understand what I read, nor feel
the hidden meanings of poems, but it could
also be that the poems are the problem.

I try to see an image as shown in lines
but I don’t know what the words mean or should say.
I try to follow an original thought
but get lost in weird constructions that bother.

What others tell me, I suddenly don’t hear,
my daily read is not even disturbing.
This must be reader’s block then. Does that happen?
I am not into Neruda and Shapcott.

My mind needs to unwind from the poetic
and only take in light, not absorb the dark.
Maybe it’s me. I am getting more stupid
and can’t understand the words nor the real me.

Comments on: "Reader’s block" (10)

  1. I feel like this at least a few hours every day

  2. I aometimes feel like this too Ina! Sometimes I think our minds become cluttered and everything gets tangled up. 🙂

    L&H xx

  3. Some days are like that Ina,

    I went to a book launch today – bought a copy of the book because she is one of my very favourite poets. But when I got home I put it to one side – I will read it whne my head is in a better place.

    Look after yourself


    • Hi David,

      lol I am now having imgages of you head walking around the bad neighbourhoods of Leeds on its own…

      I think I know what you mean though. If your mind is filled with too much, there seems to be no place for poems or any other thoughts of other people.

      It is nice that you went to the book launch 🙂 And one day you will enjoy reading the book surely.

      You look after yourself too.


  4. Yes – understand completely….

  5. Sometimes I like depth, convolutedness in what I read; but of course there can be a pretentiousness in it, too. I think some poems should be read to realize the unexplicable; some just sparkle with simplicity! I love your honesty here, Ina. XO

    • 🙂 I read a lot of poems that didn’t work for me, I suppose I have to learn a lot more about the matter! xx

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