Archive for July 25, 2013

Summer Night

We are numb by the lasting heat wave,
our bodies wait for the night to pass
and nothing lasts in our memory.
Words we said once, now keep a distance
and stay hidden in wall paper shades.

Here we had children, in this old bed
they came from you and me together
from another world, another time
here they started. Here we shall end too.
The curtains dance on the thunder drum.

Why do I think of life and death now,
as lightning seems to want this moment
kept for eternity, you and me
and the furniture that knows it all.
Our naked bodies have no secrets.

The sheets are cold in this time machine,
our bed, a cover for a moment
as the cool won’t come this night. Won’t stay.
Numb we move away from each other,
waiting for the outburst of cold rain.

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