Out of the maze

My hand is taking yours
caressing away thoughts,
the both of us with scars.
My touch can’t mend it all
just as your trembling hand
now on my skin, my face
can not take all away
of fearful times we lost
whilst running through a maze
of black thorny roses
before we found our way.

I feel your skin on mine
and I see in your eyes
how scars can meet in trust.
We left the maze alright,
we took care of our wounds,
my hand is trembling now.
The roses wilted, dead,
the time we lost is gone
but it has taught us much:
the reason of a touch
and how we should move on.

Comments on: "Out of the maze" (8)

  1. Hi Ina,

    This wonderful poem resonares so much with me.

    I actually cant see a way out of the maize. There isnt one; its been blocked.

    Sorry for the miserabele comment.

    L&H xx

  2. Another beautiful love poem.

    I have always believed that there can be something very special in the holding of hands.


  3. Many mazes to overcome. Good to have a gentle touch and birth of hope. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

  4. Your writing here reflects the maze through love in its thoughts beautifully. XO

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