The taste of fruit

You eat strawberries
that grow in my garden
in that corner
near the Christmas tree
where we buried two cats.
You say they taste sweet.
I shall not mention the cats.


Comments on: "The taste of fruit" (22)

  1. Niice 🙂 Profound meaning behind the poem!

  2. Great big smile at the start of my day!! Wonderful 🙂

    L&H xx

  3. yeoldefoole said:


  4. Yes, best not to think about how most foods are made 🙂

  5. Yucky poo and funny too!

  6. Can you believe this…..I also grew strawberries, the wild little alpine kind, right near where two of our cats were buried, in the back yard………they were soooo sweet—the cats and the strawberries!

  7. LOL



  8. How does your garden grow …? Love this, Ina! XO

  9. Bitter sweet and darkly funny…

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