Evening on the island

I see in you what worries me about myself;
reflecting in your eyes my shadows seem to grow
in this evening light, the lighthouse not yet burning
although I have no other way to know the end,
I watch you place the books we read back on the shelf.

We need not knowing what might happen next, right now
the fire is about to start, we need no talk.
I feel your hands touching my face, you show me how
our story has no end. We are one movement, slow,
familiar trust, closing our eyes. We understand.

Comments on: "Evening on the island" (8)

  1. Oh this is lovely. Romantic I think is the word :).

    L&H xx

  2. Another beautiful love poem.

    Made me feel warm just reading it.


    • Hi David, thank you.

      I think WP is acting normal again, so looking forward to that poem of yours! πŸ™‚

      Arohanui πŸ™‚


  3. One of my favorite love poems of yours … it reaches out to any moment when we should treat time as if it stands still, even though it doesn’t! XO

  4. deep heart…

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