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In line

We cut sentences in halves and let words float
because we both are afraid to write the truth,
the meanings of the words change so rapidly
from feelings of the gut to abstract drawings.
They are abandoned by reason and get lost.

To stay in line! For ideas it’s essential
that the elements of thought don’t wonder off,
but this is about us, and it has been so.
We have only said the half of what we want.
( Do you notice I am getting to the point.)

When you don’t hear me, being very distant,
I call you by your second name, in whisper,
so only I know that it is you I mean.
I missed a season in which you got a tan.
We seldom meet, only on rare occasions,

with intervals of years, spouses around us,
in the presence of dearest others and wine.
No matter how shattered I know you, or will,
and how little we speak, what you mean to me
stays the same. Still we shall never stay in line.

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