A personal note

I shall not be so arrogant to say life treats me wrongly, such whining!
Life is as is, and pain is part of life. We all suffer
one way or another. But I do dream, of love, of friends,
of how I should dance over meadows. How I would live, if possible.

A mountain doesn’t feel such pain or joy. Perhaps
an avalanche won’t bother him. A mountain’s view is boring.
I am no mountain. I am, you are; the mountain is not, but a rock.
I can go, I have a choice to change, to feel, to give.

Life is a gift and I give too. Maybe it was too little.
Now I can wait for what comes next,
or maybe do some more exploring. Like a mountain
I can wait forever though, to find kindness in a voice.

What makes me go is friendship more so over passion,
a perfect body is a body now that lives. I changed my values
and I noticed so have you. Life treats us well.
It is the mountain who should be complaining.


Comments on: "A personal note" (16)

  1. Yes the mountain should right? Or should it? 🙂 You’re right we never know what’s around the bend. Nicely expressed.

  2. The Mountain will never realize what it’s missing. Nicely done!

  3. I LOVE this!

  4. Lovely conclusion

  5. This is profound. I love it Ina, lovely 🙂 L&H xx

  6. That’s a very inspiring and positive poem 🙂 Glad to have read it, thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. You really rock Ina…

  8. So good, Ina … especially the conclusion. XO

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