Summer heat

If we put the heater on
warm our feet against each other
we could pretend that it is Summer
well it is, but it’s a bummer.
Let’s just put the heater on.

Look, the neighbour’s wearing mittens
and the scarf he got for Christmas.
I shall make some nice hot soup,
let us hug and then regroup.
Let’s just put the heater on.

Took my Winter coat downstairs,
oh how nice that knitted sweater.
I heard someone saw the Sun
they say Summer has begun;
let’s just put the heater on!

Comments on: "Summer heat" (12)

  1. I have had my heating on today too 🙂

    Stay warm


  2. Sorry to hear about your weather. You might have a longer summer with the temps where you expect them to be. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Thank you Michael! it would be nice if the max temperatures could go as far up as 20 C 🙂 = 68 F ! So far, we get 16 though (61F)

  3. Here too – sending warm hugs…..

  4. There was I thinking only The Stranglers could rhyme ‘summer’ and ‘bummer’… 🙂

  5. Of course its very nice and summery now. Coats all put away thank goodness

  6. After the horrible 100% humidity heat we had last week (still better the western US, which has had temperatures up to 130 degrees fahrenheit), I would welcome the need to wear my mittens, I think. It is better now – air conditioner off, windows open, fans enough, sweat at a minimum! XO

    • Hi Diane, I heard about the heat in Arizona, horrible. Here the temp is getting slowly towards the 20 C which is enough realy! xx

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