A dream flew like a paper kite
above the clouds of this short night.
It was of you I dreamt, but gone
the kite is. I could not hold on.

Nights are too short to dream alright,
or think of what could be or might,
but if you find my kite by chance,
it means there may be some romance.


I tried to do an image and poem in one, I find it difficult to get the right text size, but I shall keep trying 🙂


Comments on: "Kite" (17)

  1. I am not sure, is it pronounced ROmance or roMANCE, I thought roMANCE.. 🙂

  2. I love this! Your words are as light as the kite!

    Regarding the word “romance, I think its ok to use either. I think I switch between the two.

    How did you do the drawing? Didvyou actually draw iton the computer?

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine,
      thank you. I drew in the program Paint, which is not easy I think, then put the text in, I think I should have tried a larger text size 🙂 It may be better to draw on paper, then make a photo. This was just a try out 🙂

      L&H xx

  3. It looks good. Very natural, like a book illustration. Xx

  4. Lovely as always. I’ve always loved kites

  5. I’ll keep my eyes open for it….

  6. Leonard Cohen said that flying a kite is like fishing for angels….

  7. It is good to have a smile on a Sunday morning.
    And a little bit of romance too!! 🙂


  8. I love how you did the image and text, Ina. I love fooling around with graphics. I use paint alot. Lovely poem, made me think of (from the movie Mary Poppins):

    Lets Go Fly A Kite
    Let’s go fly a kite
    Up to the highest height
    Let’s go fly a kite
    And send it soaring
    Up through the atmosphere
    Up where the air is clear
    Oh, let’s go fly a kite
    Let’s go fly a kite!

    Hmmm … love is like that … and if one lets go of it … well, that’s a whole another song!

    🙂 XO ♥

    • lol I saw that movie as a child 🙂

      yes, if one lets go, that is a different tune…

      ♥ xx

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