To be two cats

This day won’t need much to improve,
there’s already light at four in the morning,
I’ve got coffee, a read.

Two cats, with eyes closed and probably purring,
are rolling over the pavement outside,
catching the warmth of some early sunbeams,
then falling asleep on top of each other.

They let the blackbird be ignored
so he can sing his morning song.
How much more can a day need.

Finished my coffee and my read,
I close my eyes and am just that:
a cat or two in the warmth of sunlight.



Comments on: "To be two cats" (20)

  1. *Big Smile*

    What a lovely early morning read – brightened up my day


  2. What a big smile I now have after reading this! Wonderful.

    I will come back as a cat I think 🙂 but I will be a really good one because I will always leave the birds alone to sing. Thats the benefit of already having been here, you can deide to do it differently ext time! Lol

    L&H xx

    • lol 🙂 Thank you for the big smile! Coming back as a cat seems a good idea 🙂 Or two maybe? L&H xx

  3. How perfect a morning is this? 🙂 My cat’s on the porch here with me and although I can’t read his mind I don’t think would want to be elsewhere. Great scene.

  4. this is wonderful – such a delicate touch!!!

  5. Lovely picture of an awakening

  6. Perfectly purring….

  7. I like the concept of being ‘a cat or two’.

  8. Oh – of course! – I love this one, Ina! And its ‘message’ is warm and wise. I must share! XO ♥

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