When it is truth

Until we say it out loud: is it true, is it valid?
Or just a thought meandering through mazes of the brain,
making no sense? And let’s call it art if it shows up anyway,
through blurred pixels and crummy rhyme. By instrumental music.
Until thoughts have a voice, no one can argue their rights to exist.

I have said many words to you that never left my mind.
They went in opposite directions, following moods
and then rested in dark gates of the cervix.
They are all true although they never saw the light of day.
You just don’t know them. And I won’t say them out loud.


Comments on: "When it is truth" (8)

  1. Phew Ina! – you speak the silence like the stars do…

  2. *Big grin*

    there are lots of thoughts in my mind which are probably best left unsaid!!!
    And best not written down either!!


    • Hi David,

      🙂 Maybe so, but how can you tell they are true unless you at least give them a voice?


  3. There is philosophy in this poem Ina!

    Im glad some of my thoughts/words have managed to saty with me rather than let them escape! And there are many others I wish I had said 🙂

    L&H xx

    • 🙂 hi Christine, lol words, sometimes we are lost for them and sometimes we are lost in them! 🙂 L&H xx

  4. ‘I have said many words to you that never left my mind.’ – wonderful line, Ina! I love the whole questioning of this poem … and you answer to Christine’s comment! XO

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