Eventually all you said will fade
into the orchestra’s practice,
the cacophony of the universe,
every statement you made
torn apart by screaming fugues.

No one will ever remember too
that you said something at all,
but you will have said it. That
they can’t take away from you.
It has been said. It has been done.

The sheet music is left behind.
Your words melt and all is blown away
but one sentence will remain
somewhere in someone’s mind.
It was not in vain. She must have heard.


Comments on: "Chaos" (17)

  1. kaytheauthor said:

    I loved this!

  2. I have a few of those sentences in my mind. I find, I recall them more and more as the years pass.

  3. Touching deep as always Ina – another beauty blowing me away – thank you…

  4. Love the analogy here Ina!

    Makes me relise how much rubbish I actually am cpable of coning out with at times! . I hope something useful sticks and is preserved somewhere down the line! 🙂

    L&h xx

  5. You have said many things worth remembering in my opinion

  6. mirabella said:

    Bellissima!!! Loved this so..”she must have heard” brilliant close love! Hugs, Bells xxx

  7. But which are the words she will remember? 🙂

    Love this


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