Standing by windows watching seasons
I see my grandmother and my mother
in the dark behind the glass but it is me.

Autumn leaves and the green of May –
same trees, but nothing stays the same;
time has the last say on every subject.

When guests stay for dinner,
after a while their jokes become old,
they push over wine glasses.

Time, an unwanted guest, an idiot
who crawls in memories as if it is a hole,
makes a nest of reality and messes it up.

Behind the dark windows stands
always the Reaper, with the face of my mother.
I have become her. Time has taken me over.


Comments on: "Time" (12)

  1. time has the last say…
    So true!

  2. Love this so much. Haha I keep reading it!

  3. time is a joker
    laughing over our shoulders
    amused ancestors

  4. I’ve had the sense of having more than one generation of my family within me, and it is always amazing and disturbing at the same time

  5. I was just thinking about time … so much gone by … and where … and what for … when I was thinking about a friend from College who has just turned 60 (as I will in a few weeks) – it is amazing that 40 years have gone by!

    ‘Nothing stays the same’ – or are we just going in circles?

    Very thought-provoking, Ina, and affecting! XO

    • Hi Diane, maybe time is a reverse elastic: when we were young, it seemed sooo long before a year had passed, a day even, and now it is over in no time and we can’t stretch it. And everyone has that experience when we age. So it must be true? The feel of time changes over the years. XX

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