Seas, sheets of white paper, roads:
all meant for possibilities to happen.
I watch the sailing ship go North,
the voyage of the brave
and seagulls follow them
trusting that fish will emerge.

What possibly could go wrong:
a calm, a storm, or mutiny,
all calculated and accounted for.
Yet the story can take any turn,
as you might find
the road back home to me
or not.


Comments on: "Possibilities" (10)

  1. I live on the ocean. And yes, there is something about sailing ships and the sea that carries you away to possibilities. Cheers!

  2. Bravery comes as standard among fishermen. When you see deep sea trawlers you can’t help but admire them

  3. t h i n g s + f l e s h said:

    Ina, what a delightful seaside adventure … your words guiding every twist and turn. tony

  4. “sweet god of the wild winds
    and the surf
    and the beauty of love.
    god of the great ships
    and the north star
    and the beauty of home…”

    source unknown

  5. Perhaps those who live in conjunction with the sea … understand life better than most!

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