Our last murmuration

As you leave there is movement above us,
we stand opposite each other
and watch birds over our heads
flocking like melted together,
turning into new shapes
as if they are one body,

fluently, a quickly changing sculpture in the sky,
round, then longer, then oval,
swiftly flipping from black
to silver to black, a rotating cloud,
made of hundreds of unique individual creatures,
all in one speed, moving like a wave in a football stadium,

and our thoughts can’t help but flock in one flow:
they are you and me,
once we were starlings together
dancing, loving, in our mind.
I think I see you smile as you go.
The murmuration is over.

Comments on: "Our last murmuration" (10)

  1. it’s got everything – lyrical, lilting, and lovely

  2. Beautiful images, here. A real fluidity to the movement in this lovely piece,

  3. so it always goes
    a flight of fancy in the air
    then feathered silence

  4. Those flocks of starlings are something aren’t they.

    and this is a terrific poem which celebrates them

    Much love

    • Hi David

      I find them amazing. Murmurations… love the word too πŸ™‚
      Thank you very much!

      Much love

  5. I love that word – murmurations – too! Wonderful poem. XO

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