Child’s play

We had planned a moment of silence
to underline the end of our relationship
when we were four years old.
It was the first break up for both of us.

We wanted a ritual.
We sat in the sand, back to back.
“I shall not marry you,” he said.
“I shall not marry you,” I said.

Then we went on with our play,
making big deep holes
all the way through the black blue sand,
and emerging water sealed the deal.


Comments on: "Child’s play" (14)

  1. Oh I really love this Ina (cold not gone, simply checked spelling!! Lol)

    Love how the deal was sealed

    L&H xx

  2. Some of those memories of childhood days in the sand, remain the sweetest. The innocence of that time, I suppose.

  3. Sometimes you simply take the pin out and throw a poem that explodes right in my face. This is one such. Outstanding stuff.

  4. Colin Morley said:

    This is classic, Ina. Just finished reading Milan Kundera’s “Ignorance” about remembered relationships and it just gels. Wow!

  5. Darling memories…

  6. Love the poem’s sense of such innocent importance! XO ♥

  7. The innocence of youth!!

    Break ups get more complicated later in life!!!


    • 🙂 It was a rather serious moment. One boy said: I shall marry you, the other said maybe. I choose the one who was sure, but hey. It ended. That is life 🙂


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