So like you to tell me,
long after your death,
where rabbits run,
how to find the true North,
what the best place is for shelter
from rain, that ghosts don’t exist
and beauty can not be defined.
All is there in the eye
of the beholder, like I see you
everywhere in splendorous light.
Now I know where you kept God hiding.
So like you to save the best for last.


Comments on: "You" (17)

  1. I think about those “tells” from those who have passed. They are bitter-sweet, but I have come to welcome them, as the years go by.

    • Hi Wendy,
      they seem an extra from the afterlife, like when you find a box of letters from a deceased person.

  2. So true. And it feels – when it happens – that you didn’t really know them enough or love them enough. I’m in my sixties now, and – for me, there will not be any new relationships with adult people like the ones I had with many who have passed. And there is regret that comes with the knowledge (knowledge that I think, for many, comes late in life) that I didn’t put it together sooner.

  3. Fabulous poem Iba with so much in it to think about.

    You made me think how we often remember someone’s most annoying habits with great fondness but if that person were here again, they would probably still continue to be annoying!

    L&H xx

    • Thank you Christine,

      yes some things probably won’t change!

      btw I think you are having a cold πŸ™‚

      L&H xx
      Iba πŸ™‚

  4. A poem which made me think


  5. I saw this mistake too late! Coincidentally, I am actually full of cold. I got through the whole of winter without anything and now I look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer! Lol xx

  6. The Magic….

  7. Yes, sometimes the best comes from what is lost … rather what I am writing about at the moment, and so this poem’s inspiration reaches out … XO

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