Inside the mess

It shows I’ve lived;
I got my stitches,
my scars, my scares
my soul’s been trashed
and I survived
the rape, the drowning,
the craziness
but I’m still here
and stronger too
because I found
the me inside the mess.

Strong. I never thought
it was applicable on me,
the frightened child,
the dominated wife,
the promiscuous lover,
the boozer. The person
outside the real me.
The mess is peeled off
layer by layer
because I’ve lived,
because it shows.


Comments on: "Inside the mess" (17)

  1. This speaks to me in so many ways this morning. You captured my heart in your words. Thank you thank you

  2. Wow! This tells me I have lived too!

    Very good love it Ina

    L&H xx

  3. Daring lines, Ina. Well done.

  4. so sorry for your experience – so happy for your valiant endurance

    • Hi Paul

      Thank you. Life happens to all of us and I am grateful it wasn’t worse lol 🙂

  5. Well written with raw honesty, Ina, thank you for sharing and so glad you are “here and strong.” xxx

  6. and it does show Ina – it shines through every line you write with honest beauty – thank you for feeding our hearts…

  7. A scar is a tattoo with an interesting back-story.

  8. (((Big Irish Hugs)))

    Absolutely terrific poem


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