It is a moment when I see so clear
our history together in a butterfly,
that comes from nowhere, from a flower,
a precious thing, reflecting in your eyes.
She flies away, my eyes meet yours,
the fire fades as night approaches.
Will the butterfly still live, her one day
almost done. You talk but I don’t listen.
I wait for the whispering of wings
in their last moments. Before all this is gone.


Comments on: "Butterfly" (6)

  1. I saw some butterflies yesterday – a sure sign of Spring.

    But there are not many of them about


    • There are some lovely ones, I saw a yellow one. Not all of them live as short as one day, but some do. I think that is rather sad. Somehow they remind me of all things that pass.


  2. every bride a mayfly / groom a butterfly / blink and miss / a m m nt of d nce

  3. This is quite melancholy Ina, I think, but beautiful with it.

    Yesterday I saw a white butterfly and this morning, a coloured one, not close enough to see what kind it was though. They are such lovely creatures

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine,
      I love it when 2 butterflies turn around each other quickly, not sure if that is fighting or mating, but it is fun to watch! πŸ™‚ L&H xx

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