Your return

In the crowd I saw you
straight and tall, like always
slower than the others
coming from the train; I
had to smile as I saw you
approach me in slow motion.
You wore your coat, the blue one,
still without the torn off button.
I knew what had caused its departure.

Maybe attraction can’t be told
from the speed of reunion,
from the smiles we send each other
or from the flowers we get.
It is in what is absent on arrival
after a long time of missing,
what seems to have gone into oblivion,
but has not; what has been a precious item
and is now living in my pocket.


Comments on: "Your return" (13)

    • And I thought I had a thick accent… Sink about it πŸ™‚
      “Across a crowded room”, I am going to do something with that phrase. Thank you!

      • Across a crowded room
        where some were celebrating
        but we only came to be out of the rain,
        I tried to ignore your eyes.
        I thought I didn’t know your eyes then
        yet they knew me
        and they were smiling at me,
        so I looked back.
        I must have remembered you
        from another life
        or from a glimpse into the future.
        We stepped out into the rain together.
        No one missed us at the party.

  1. Beautifully observant of the obscure but crucial details which give the meeting significance

  2. An absolute gem Ina! Wonderful

    L&H x

  3. A beautifully understated love poem.

    I like this a lot


    • Hi David, thank you πŸ™‚ I just hope it is no doggerel lol πŸ™‚

      Much love

  4. I always enjoy the ‘seesawing’ in some of your poems, Ina – especially the relationship-love ones. I suppose the formal word would be ‘ambivalence’. They are like a conversation with yourself that you let us in on! XO

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