The landing

It feels as if the land is in my skin,
the sand has entered through my pores and eyes,
the people who have lived here, live my mind,
and clouds they saw, are now above my head.

The green of May, the brown of Fall, the snow,
they saw it all and heard the sea rage on,
in the same way as I do now. The salt
that stays upon my skin, is what they tasted too.

Now underneath the sand the earth has moved,
as different times have overwhelmed the strand,
new dunes emerged, others are washed away.
Not everything remains, as live goes on.

Then as I walk the beach, a trembling breeze
comes rolling over waves into my ears,
the wind then goes and in the light of dawn
a ship with sails is floating above sea.

A stranger out of nowhere finds the shore.
his footsteps disappear as he walks on.
He is a father, he might be a son
who once was lost. The island shall be his.


Comments on: "The landing" (8)

  1. It is scary to think that once we are gone the World moves on.Our footsteps get erased.A beautiful Poem.

  2. I like the feel of this.

  3. A very haunting poem Ina lovely. And lots to ponder; sometimes I ponder too much I think!

    L&H xx

  4. Haunting but also comforting … the connectedness of it all. Beautifully written! XO

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