A young man on his first trip as a mate
left his ship to see the famous town.
The streets were simmering, the sun went down
and gardens smelled of home. He met his fate.

She was most beautiful, her hair was red,
she only charged him what he could afford.
He forgot that he was needed back on board,
and in her room they made love on the bed.

Then when the morning came and light was hard,
he woke up knowing that his ship had sailed
but to his heart this love he felt, prevailed
as it was love and had been from the start.

He turned to her and shivered, she had changed
into ugly, soars and lumps, all skin and bone.
She looked at him and turned him into stone,
another statue in the town arranged.


Comments on: "The town with many statues" (16)

  1. Hi Ina. I really “enjoyed” this one!! The word sinister crept in though and made me shiver!!

    Ive just read a poem by another blogging friend referring to Lot’s wife from the Bible being
    turned to salt!! It seems like a morning for being turned into things!!! πŸ™‚

    L&H xx

    • Hi Christine, this poem was inspired by the mythe of Medusa, who had snakes as hair πŸ™‚
      L&H xx

  2. What a great and surprising story. Loved it

  3. I have always been suspicious of red-haired girls!! πŸ™‚


  4. Next stop “The Twilight Zone”

  5. Well, I think he got the better of it, all things considered!

  6. I caught the reference to Medusa, a hint of Circe too.

    A touch gothic.

  7. This reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s faery tales. Or maybe even of some of Robert Graves’ early poems. A great story, echoing back into the mythic past plowed by authors ranging from the ancient Greeks and their mythology to the Brother’s Grimm. This is well done, Ina. Well done.

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