You hit my nerve

Under all the layers of indifference
there was a hidden nerve embedded well,
escaping balance of my bivalence,
so what was true or not, I could not tell.
There had been days that would have made some sense,
but most of them were like small stones that fell
out of the past into the present tense.
They left so fast, I had no time to dwell.
Yet underneath all was a slumbering
that only had to be revealed by love.
Dealt with items on my numbering
I realized that you were so enough.
With patience no one had, your caring
life got much better, I emerged the rough.
The layers have cracked, there was an opening,
all of a sudden I was not that tough.
Your presence and much more your lingering
meant my indifference had to back off.


Comments on: "You hit my nerve" (6)

  1. Beautiful.

  2. tjtherien said:

    enjoyed very much

  3. Reminds me of a 50’s cafe reading with the beatniks snapping their fingers. 😉 Love it!

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