Rain on a dune

9april13 003

I’m standing in amazement under skies
and watch the clouds fly faster now than birds,
they all seem on the run. I stay and wait
to witness what it is they’re fleeing from.

Ships sail away and all is leaving me.
One person on a dune I feel too small
to understand. The rain is pouring, now
above me all is grey. The birds are gone.

But when I’m drenched, my feel of losing
at its worst, the grey breaks in a sudden crack
to leak a beam of sunlight over water.
Some birds come back. One ship returns, full sail.

Comments on: "Rain on a dune" (12)

  1. Ina, your poem is so very soothing and refreshing, and i love the message in your words, so beautifully done! God bless!

  2. This touches our emotions beautifully as always

  3. Beautiful Ina! You are writing some fantastic poetry every day!!! You live it!

    L&H xx

  4. Nice exercise in enjambement. 🙂

  5. Migration … the seasons … the sunshine … the rain … the birds … the ships … and especially the moods of the heart! XO

  6. Yes, absolutely…

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